The world is trending toward automation, and intellectual property (IP) management is no exception. Symphony is designed to streamline IP lifecycle management processes to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and eliminate administrative errors.

Symphony Intellectual Property Management Solutions to Maintain and Retain Inventors

“An enterprise that is constantly exploring new horizons is likely to have a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.” Gary P. Hamel, Management Expert, Founder of Strategos

If your company has an extensive IP portfolio, Symphony not only will reduce your overhead and simplify portfolio management, but it will also help attract top-tier inventors who understand the value of working with an organized, reliable enterprise.

Let’s explore five ways Symphony will help your company attract and maintain talented inventors:

1. Symphony Will Reduce Your Overhead, and You Can Appropriate That Savings to Increased Rewards

Symphony’s invention management workflow makes it easy for your IP operations staff to capture, review, and decide on invention disclosures, thus reducing administrative overhead. The software syncs directly with the USPTO database, which speeds up the review process and reduces labor cost. You can appropriate those savings to higher rewards, which will give inventors more incentive to work with your company.

2. Symphony Is Convenient for Inventors

Symphony makes it simple for your inventors to submit their inventions with minimal impact on their workflow. They can easily track their submissions through review and prosecution.

3. Encourage Your Inventors by Rewarding on Time with Awards Management

Symphony’s R&D Management System will ensure your inventors are awarded on time. The Invention Management Portal includes a configurable awards management interface.

4. Answer Inventors’ Questions Quickly and Accurately

Symphony’s cloud-based platform gives your company easy access to all resources in the cloud through any Internet-enabled device. You can answer your inventors’ questions in seconds through integrated live chat and email support.

 5. Legal Security

With Symphony, you and your inventors can rest assured that your invention disclosures are secure. Symphony runs on Salesforce App Cloud, which is one of the most secure enterprise cloud platforms in existence.

If your company is wasting money on a befuddled IP operations staff and turning away inventors due to inefficiency and administrative errors, Symphony might be your solution. Our software will streamline your IP lifecycle management processes, which not only will reduce your overhead but also will make your enterprise more attractive to top-tier inventors.

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