IP Renewals

Patent and trademark renewal accuracy and confidence

Cost-Effective IP Renewal Service from a Partner You Can Trust

Managed by practicing attorneys, and implemented by experienced professionals, MaxVal offers IP renewal service across the globe in a transparent, reliable, and cost-effective manner. Whether you manage your IP assets through our Symphony IPMS or your current provider, we ensure that renewals are done right, every time.


Ease of use – Set ‘Auto-renew’ instructions and never miss a deadline.

Take control – Portal to view assets coming up for renewals and the associated costs.

Operate globally – Leverage our vast network of international agents to renew all your patents.

Track and approve – Fully configurable workflow to manage the approval process, including portfolio pruning.

Manage budget – Financial dashboard allows you to view your renewal cost by jurisdiction, expiry date and identify potential assets for pruning.

Eliminate risk – Our Rules team of attorneys and specialists monitors country law in 175 countries (and growing) to ensure that renewal rules are always current.

Reduce cost – Competitive, transparent, flat service fee that lowers your annuity service cost. No extra management fees, subscription fees, sign-up fees, or reporting fees.

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With a full spectrum of IP services and software products, we make it easier for companies, IP ops teams and law firms to transform ideas into assets and value. We look forward to speaking with you.