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Our customizable prior art search services leverage MaxVal’s expert staff of analysts, engineers, and patent attorneys with 500-plus years of collective IP experience and our worldwide IP and technological resource. As robust and flexible as your needs, MaxVal’s customizable reports can include:

  • A complete history of our search process and strategy
  • A short-list of references manually categorized and ranked for relevancy
  • Tables highlighting relevant citations from the references
  • Analytical charts and graphs to help you communicate with stakeholders
  • Intuitive indicators of which inventive key features are disclosed, partially disclosed or undisclosed

Search Offerings

Our Search and Analytics team uses standardized and creative procedures along with their domain expertise to provide you with the following prior art search reports:


We identify the boundaries of the invention that is claimed. We improve your chances with the patent examiner and save you prosecution costs.


Our invalidity searches help you defend against complaints, improve your leverage in negotiations and arm you for PTAB trials.


Our well-researched FTO reports help you avoid costly infringement proceedings and product release delays.


These search results will help you generate ideas, fine-tune patent strategy, evaluate licensing opportunities and identify alternatives.

Customer Success


Accuracy – Dedicated domain experts

Interactivity – Client involvement throughout the search process

Dependability – Proven track record of delivering on time and within budget

Verifiability – Auditable processes and results

Cost Effectiveness – Leverage our proprietary in-house tools

Customizability – Reports and formats tailored to meet client needs

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