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Patent Landscapes

Actionable analysis and insight from patent experts

What Can You Learn from Patent Data and Analytics?

A ton! A patent landscape analysis conducted by our patent analysts and patent strategists will evaluate your existing patent activity against the activity of your competitors to help you answer key questions about risks, opportunities and impacts.

Our powerfully revealing data visualization options assist you in presenting complex information to your stakeholders in the manner best suited to your needs. Further, in-depth IP insights help you make the right IP decisions every time.

What Can You Learn From Our Patent Data And Analytics

Questions We Can Help You Answer

Patent LiveScape™: Dynamic Patent Landscape Analysis

When a fixed-in-time perspective isn’t sufficient for your needs, we invite you to take a very close look at Patent LiveScape. Delivering a more interactive and dynamic perspective than the static snapshots of our core patent landscapes, this service allows you to slice and dice an analysis to extract actionable and predictive information, and do so over time.

  • Custom analytics dashboards
  • Integrate other business-critical data and detail for advanced insight
  • Interactive
  • Explore causal data relationships
  • Report freshness (periodic data updates)
  • Accessible from anywhere
Patent LiveScape Dynamic Patent Landscape Analysis

Case Study

Patent Landscape Analysis helps an international IP law firm better understand its target market

Sample LiveScape

Download a sample to learn how Patent LiveScape could improve your IP decisions

More Info

We’d love to speak with you about our Patent Mapping resources and demonstrate our capabilities

Unlock Insights from Your Patent Data To Make Better Decisions

We help corporations and law firms to discover insights from their patent data with landscape analysis

  • Actionable analysis and insight from patent experts

  • Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies and law firms to manage better IP decisions

  • Finest IP experts and technology professionals to unlock insights from your patent data

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