Foreign Filing and Patent Translations

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Managing foreign filings can be a logistical and costly endeavor aggravated by a variety of issues, including managing numerous organizations, inconsistent translations, and complex procedures. MaxVal has partnered with RWS, the world’s leading provider of patent translations and foreign filing, to provide foreign filings embedded, in-line, as a value-add service within Symphony, our industry-leading IPMS.

Experience Seamless Foreign Filing and Patent Translation Streamlined within Symphony, the World’s Leading IPMS Solution

MaxVal’s partnership with RWS enables us to support our clients with foreign filings and patent translations by providing them with:
  • A seamless, streamlined and managed filing process
  • Reduced overheads
  • Managed costs
  • Assured translation quality, and consistency
  • An intuitive foreign filings experience

Foreign Filing

RWS’s foreign filing services allow some of the world’s leading businesses to handle their filing needs while efficiently utilizing their time, money, and resources.


  • Comprehensive Agent Network: The most comprehensive and robust network of agents spread across 135 countries.
  • Cost savings: With their negotiated low cost, fixed rates with the world’s leading law firms, organizations, on average, save 20%-50% of their overall costs when it comes to foreign filings.
  • Expertise: RWS translates more than 195,000 patent, legal, and IP documents each year and serves over 7,400 clients worldwide.

Patent Translation

With over 60 years of expertise translating patents, RWS has firmly established itself as the world’s leading authority in translating legal, patent, and other IP-related documents. Manage your PCT Stage Entry, Direct Filing, European validations, and associated translation within a single solution.


  • In-House Translation Expertise: With a team of over 250 in-house qualified subject specialists and revisors,  RWS supports translations in over 150 languages.
  • Highest quality and on-time delivery: RWS harnesses the power of translation memory tools that store previously translated text as reusable segments. As a result, customers benefit from enhanced savings, better translation consistency, and faster delivery timeframes.
  • Languages Supported: RWS supports patent translations in over +150 languages and all technical disciplines. 

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