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IP Services

On-demand expertise for every stage of the IP lifecycle

Supporting IP Operations at Every Step

Managing the IP lifecycle is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process where software can’t perform every function. Human resources are needed to fill the gaps. But finding and keeping highly trained IP professionals to perform difficult and sometimes mundane tasks can be challenging. This is where MaxVal can help.

MaxVal offers IP services to enhance and expand the capabilities of law firms and corporations to optimize the development, management and caretaking of critical IP assets.

Cost-Effective and Reliable IP Solutions

Technology-enabled services delivered by US-based and global teams



Designed and managed by practicing attorneys



High-quality, cost-effective, and on-demand support

IP Annuities and Renewals

Cost-Effective IP Renewal Service from a Partner You Can Trust

Managed by practicing attorneys, and implemented by experienced professionals, MaxVal offers IP renewal services across the globe in a transparent, reliable and cost-effective manner. Whether you manage your IP assets through our Symphony IP management software, or your current provider, we ensure that renewals are done right, every time.

Other Services

On-demand advice, strategies and tactical implementation from attorneys, illustrators and IP experts who deliver high-quality service and results every time.

Patent Drawings

Excellent line art brings trademarks, utility and design patents to life, paving the way for success

IP Consulting

Helping firms achieve their business goals and operational plans via strong intellectual asset management strategies

Foreign Filings and Patent Translations

We partnered with RWS to deliver integrated foreign filings and translations as a value-added service within Symphony

Patent Search

Extensive searches conducted by expert researchers to help you understand today’s landscapes and identify tomorrow’s risks and opportunities

Supporting IP Operations Everywhere

We enable corporations and law firms transform ideas into strategically and financially valuable assets.

  • Full-spectrum of IP lifecycle solutions to manage everyday IP challenges

  • Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies and law firms to manage their IP portfolio

  • IP experts and technology professionals to support you through the IP journey

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