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Sequence Search Services

Cost-effective, timely and accurate sequence search services trusted by leading life-science and research labs

Sequence Searches

Our comprehensive sequence search service is designed to mine sequences from a wide array of sequence, patent and non-patent literature databases, making it the perfect solution for bio-pharma companies and research institutions.

  • Identify and compare the statistical significance of matching sequences
  • Determine whether a claimed sequence is available as prior art for patentability or clearance checks
  • Assess whether there are issued patents or pending applications similar to your sequences prior to a product launch
  • Support patent infringement claims and navigate litigation with validity/invalidity searches
  • MaxVal builds sequence search strategies, conducts the search and provides customized results
  • Follow up with us for iterations or additional searching (if needed)
  • Reach out to our search team for a custom quote
  • Our team includes M.Sc. or Ph.D life sciences professionals with dedicated sequence searching experience to help identify relevant sequences of all types (e.g., nucleotides, proteins, plasmids, primers, etc.)
  • We perform sequence searches using various search strategies in multiple sequence databases including GenBank, Blast, PatSeq, DGENE/ GENESEQ, USGENE, PCTGEN/WOGENE, CAS REGISTRY, Pataa (USPTO), and GQ-Pat, as well as additional keyword-based searches in patent databases and non-patent literature resources
  • Searches are typically carried out in 10 business days without rush charges
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