Automate reference management
and IDS creation

The Ultimate Solution for Prior Art Management and IDS Generation

Max-IDS will help any IP team automatically download and associate references to the appropriate cases, generate IDSes with one-click, while reducing errors and saving time. Use it as a standalone service with your current IPMS, with Symphony, or completely outsource the entire process to MaxVal.

How Max-IDS simplifies IDS management?

Max-IDS helps clients to save over 40% of their time and money while submitting IDS references to the PTO

  • Most comprehensive IDS management functionality available
  • Syncs with current IPMS or integrate with Symphony
  • Manage the solution internally or outsource to MaxVal
  • Schedule customized reports
  • Capability to group by family or category
  • Automated USPTO PAIR synchronization and import
    • Case biblio, 892s and file wrapper
    • OCR’s 892s, 1449s and IDS documents
      • Auto populates data associated to these documents
  • Automated cross-citation (optional)
  • “One Click” generation of EFS-ready IDS package and upload automatically
  • Personalize transmittal letters
  • IDS Comparison chart for easy and consistent prior art association
  • Reduce the risk of patent invalidation with automated cross-citation tools and rulesets
  • Global full-text search along with EPO synchronization and import
  • Inside/outside counsel reference visibility across multiple families

Max-IDS for Corporations

The best and most widely used IDS management solution in the industry to simplify the tracking, management and generation of Information Disclosure Statements.

Max-IDS for Law Firms

Used by many of the leading IP law firms who increase the level of service to their clients, while reducing cost and risk.

IDS and Reference Management Simplified

The world’s leading organizations and law firms trust us to manage their IP Management requirements

Manage IDSes with Confidence

We help corporations and law firms to manage their IDS challenges.

Make your budgets go further by eliminating risks arising from patent invalidation, RCE costs and manual errors

Trusted by the world's most innnovative companies and law firms to manage their IDS workflow

Finest IDS & reference management trained experts to manage your IDSes without having to compromise on quality

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