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Symphony Country Rules

Enabling law firms to manage dockets with accurate, global coverage 

Comprehensive Global Rules

At its core, Symphony operates according to a highly-structured set of global intellectual property rules and workflows. These rules, developed by a sophisticated, attorney-led law team, are updated regularly and cover global statutory intellectual property procedures for each jurisdiction and matter type.

The team’s primary responsibility is to regularly monitor jurisdiction law changes around the globe, to ensure each matter type and deadline is calculated correctly and accurately. 

We monitor industry publications and PTOs, and confer with our global network of agents in over 200 jurisdictions to ensure that the rules accurately reflect the statutory deadlines for each jurisdiction.

These rules allow for automatic creation of events available in the attorney docket based on the content in the asset record. Our rules workflows also allow for smart reminders, where additional 2nd and 3rd-month reminders do not appear on the docket until the 1st reminder is passed, keeping the docket clean and reducing the need for de-docketing reminders when you complete the event early.

Unlike many IP management systems, we load our rule updates into a QA test environment at no additional charge, so that you can review the rules and add any changes before you publish them to your production instance.

Our rules are extremely transparent, reportable, and flexible, allowing you to append or modify them as needed in order to meet your and your agent’s needs

Symphony’s IP Coverage

MaxVal provides IP Lifecycle Management Solutions via Symphony, covering a wide range of IP types including Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks, and Industrial Designs. The scope of such management covers all the stages of an IP Lifecycle. The stages are broadly categorized into Application Filing, Prosecution, Application Allowance, and Post Grant. 

The scope of work includes but is not limited to:

  • Renewal Rules including Accumulated Annuities
  • Prosecution Rules and Smart Reminders
  • Patent Term Extension or Supplementary
  • Protection Certificates & Pediatric Extension
  • Expiration Term
  • Reinstatement and/or Restoration Rules
  • Opposition Period Completion
  • Grace period or Extensions including Further Processing
  • Working requirements (Patents) and Use requirements (Trademarks)
  • Application, Publication, Search & Grant Fees
  • Application Translation
  • Formalities Objection Notices
  • Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
  • Priority Claim & Documents including its translation
  • Examination Report Response (Office Action) (First and Subsequent)
  • Conversion into National from EUTM, Madrid or PCT, or The Hague
  • Appeal

Rules Coverage

Our Rules Engine covers over 200 jurisdictions, including conventions (i.e., European Patent Convention, Paris Convention, Hague Convention), treaties (i.e., Patent Cooperation Treaty, Madrid Protocol), and Agreements (i.e., Unified Patent Court) where IP protection is possible. We also cover all 50 US States for trademarks and have current and historical rule calculations.

Custom Rules

We believe that unique IP problems call for unique solutions, which is why we provide an experience customized to specific client needs, such as alerts on particular deadlines. The rules team works closely with our Professional Services Organization to create custom rules that align with your particular processes and procedures and create smart reminders. Using the QA test environment, you’ll have the opportunity to modify, test, and validate the rules before promoting them to your production environment.


We adhere to authentic and verifiable sources for IP laws, rules, research, and processes. Various PTOs, legal portals, IP firms, and global databases are utilized to substantiate the information. Some resources referred to are:

  • Manual of Industrial Property
  • Global Patent and Trademark Offices
  • Local Agent Networks
  • WIPO Lex
  • INTA Guides
  • IP newsletters as circulated by various international law firms

Solutions to Transform IP Management



Symphony® is the only 4th generation IPMS that integrates all aspects of IP management, from invention capture to automatic docketing and de-docketing to PTO integration and annuity management, into a single system, giving your organization a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, future-proof solution.

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MaRS managed by practicing attorneys and executed by experienced professionals, provides IP renewal services globally in a transparent, dependable, and cost-effective manner. We ensure that renewals are done correctly every time, whether you manage your IP assets through our Symphony IPMS or your current vendor.

Manage IP with Confidence

We help law firms transform and optimize their IP operations.

  • Full-spectrum of IP lifecycle solutions to manage everyday IP challenges
  • Trusted by the world’s most innovative  corporations and law firms to manage their IP portfolios
  • IP experts and technology professionals to support you through the IP journey

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