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Sequence Listing Preparation Services

Timely, accurate, and cost-effective sequence listing preparation services trusted by the world’s leading law firms and life-science companies

Sequence Listing Preparation

Reviewing DNA patent applications and creating an accurate and valid sequence listing is tedious and complex, but incredibly important. This step in the patent prosecution process also requires a significant amount of effort and resources, which could and should be utilized for more valuable projects.

Our team of experts works as an extension of your team to help prepare sequence listings that are timely, accurate, and cost-effective.

  • Reach out to our sequence listing experts
  • Provide us with the sequence information in the relevant format
  • Receive your custom sequence listing, ready to file​
  • Our team of experts are trained in preparing sequence listings as per the rules of multiple PTOs
  • We will work with your team to update mandatory information to ensure your sequence listing is submitted without errors
  • We have a team of experts managing this process to ensure an accurate and cost-effective sequence listing is delivered in a short turnaround time
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