Proven Dual-Shore Paralegal Services to Meet Your Exact Needs

Drawing on deep domain expertise, highly experienced staff and cutting-edge software tools, we deliver custom service-based paralegal services and solutions. Our clients continue to choose our paralegal services because they expect reliable execution, fast turnaround times, and the industry’s highest-quality and cost-effective results.

Paralegal Services Filing


We prepare patent, design and trademark packages that help our discerning customers align their filing, IP and business strategies to achieve their objectives.

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Paralegal Services


Timely and accurate Patent and Trademark Assignment Recordation across the globe of portfolios of any size for companies and law firms.

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Paralegal Services


Performed by our skilled paralegals and overseen by our in-house attorneys. Save time, reduce costs and, most importantly, mitigate risk.

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Paralegal Services Legal Spend and Invoice Analysis

Legal Spend and Invoice Analysis

Expert analysis of your spending to improve decisions and avoid unnecessary costs and over-billing.

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Paralegal Services Patent Term Adjustment Services

Patent Term Adjustment Service

Fast and accurate electronic and human review of the USPTO’s PTA calculation that disproves the belief that you can’t buy time.

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With a full spectrum of IP services and software products, we make it easier for companies, IP ops teams and law firms to transform ideas into assets and value. We look forward to speaking with you.