Symphony for Patents

A powerful system for patent management

Three of the Largest Innovators in the World Manage Their IP Portfolios with Symphony

Most of the established IP management systems were developed 15 and even 20+ years ago. And, technology years are like dog years, so most of the current systems are old, inflexible and, generally, just don’t meet the needs of modern IP teams.

Symphony® is different. It was built recently on the latest, most advanced software development platform from Salesforce. Therefore, everything your current vendor promised their software would do but never materialized, Symphony delivers with ease.

From invention management and automated docketing, to portfolio management and integrated payments, Symphony IPMS is the only portfolio management system designed to reduce clicks, make docketing easier, portfolio management more powerful and, simply, enable your team to maximize portfolio value.

  • For advanced-systems loving organizations and IP teams large and small
  • Ease-of-implementation: Get up and running in weeks–not years
  • Configurable without having to call IT support or your vendor
  • Seamlessly initiate and manage your patent translation and foreign filing with RWS, the world’s leading patent translation and foreign filings expert
  • Sophisticated workflow automation increases efficiency and reduces errors
  • Seamless connectivity to services and external data sources
  • Industry-leading security, reliability and scalability

Symphony and Salesforce

We developed Symphony on the Salesforce platform because we wanted to focus on what we know best—IP management. We started with the most advanced and widely adopted enterprise application platform so our customers can benefit from Salesforce’s ongoing and huge investments in system architecture, availability, workflows, document management and, of course, data security.

So while most other vendors are spending more than half of their development resources maintaining 20 year-old software and infrastructure, MaxVal invests 100% of our development time on the next generation of advanced IP functionality.


What Symphony offers

Invention Disclosure Management

  • Comprehensive inventor award tracking and management capability
  • Automated workflows facilitate review, approval, and drafting
  • Configurable invention disclosure forms, submission and status tracking
  • Intuitive invention submission and management for you and your inventors

Patent Management

  • Powerful and complete portfolio management from patents to products
  • Curate your assets using taxonomy categorization and ranking parameters
  • Current, correct, and complete patent information at your fingertips
  • Email and document management organize all associated files and correspondences


  • Minimize administrative efforts and reduce errors
  • Curated and configurable docketing rules that always remain current
  • Zero-touch auto-docketing and de-docketing automatically maintains your docket
  • Our GFW technology automatically syncs your data with world’s five largest patent offices

Reporting and Analytics

  • Generate custom reports in minutes
  • Easily customize your dashboard without any assistance from us
  • Effortlessly generate meaningful reports for you and everyone else
  • Access over 60 default reports that deliver pre-configured data and insight

Prosecution Analytics

  • Detailed patent analysis helps predict your assigned examiner’s likely behavior
  • Understand why some patent applications take longer than others to reach allowance
  • Improve your patent prosecution outcomes by analyzing your examiner’s past decisions
  • Insightful analytics and powerful forecasting help you adjust and develop new strategies

Renewal Management

  • Cost-effective, transparent and integrated annuity management
  • At-your-fingertips status of fee payments and payment receipts
  • Operates on patent data that are always correct, current and complete
  • Sophisticated annuity analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions

Together, we help your organization succeed

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