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Flexible Software Solutions that Make it Easier to Create Value From Ideas

MaxVal develops the industry’s most advanced software products so our customers can connect systems; streamline processes, retrieve, aggregate and understand information; and make smarter IP decisions based on data rather than hunches.

As one of the most experienced providers of IP services, many of our software products started life as an internal system, tech-enabling our own services for higher quality and efficiency. So, for many of our software products, we used and tested them in our own environment before making them available to you.

Combining the most advanced IP technology with a strong customer perspective makes MaxVal’s software products, increasingly, the choice of many IP professionals.

Symphony IPMS

Intellectual Property Management Software

The fourth generation of Intellectual Property Management System (IPMS), Symphony® organizes all facets of IP management, from invention capture and automated docketing and de-docketing, to PTO integration and annuity management, in one integrated system where flexibility is king.

Patent Management

  • Invention disclosure management
  • Patent management
  • Automated docketing and de-docketing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Prosecution analytics
  • Renewal management

Trademark Management

  • Search and registration workflow
  • Brand and mark management
  • Docketing
  • Global country rules
  • Renewal management

Analytical Insights

  • Data warehouse
  • Advanced reporting visualization
  • External data aggregation

Max-IDS speeds error-free IDS preparation. References accurately and consistently cited across your patent portfolio.

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