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Symphony Renewals

Transparent, reliable and cost-effective renewal management

Manage Renewals within Symphony

MaxVal’s renewal management service is integrated into the Symphony IP management system, so your renewal decisions are always based on the same correct, current, and complete data that you work with on a daily basis. 

Eliminating the need to re-enter data or transfer data between systems makes Symphony the most convenient, transparent, accurate, and cost-effective renewal management option in the market.

Why MaxVal for Renewals?

  • Make renewal decisions directly within Symphony
  • Project patent family cost, patent lifetime cost, and more with sophisticated analytics
  • Manage the renewal and pruning of IP assets
  • Get fee payment status and renewal confirmation receipts within Symphony
  • Automatic updation of Renewal rules following country law changes in your jurisdictions

Simplify Managing IP Renewals

By choosing a renewal management solution so integrally connected to your IP management system, you ensure that payment planning, budgeting, and execution are part of the daily workflow and always based on accurate portfolio information and renewal obligations.

Other benefits include:

  • Unifies intellectual property management by seamlessly integrating with Symphony, MaxVal’s IP management solution
  • MaxVal’s automatic rules updates ensure accurate renewal notifications
  • Never miss a renewal deadline with auto-renewal
  • Simplify your process by setting automatic renewal instructions
  • Data aggregation simplifies your annuity, invoice, and payment cycle tracking
  • Run analytics to project patent family cost, patent lifetime cost, and more

Manage IP with Confidence

We help corporations and law firms transform ideas into strategically and financially valuable assets.

  • Full-spectrum of IP lifecycle software solutions to manage everyday IP challenges
  • Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies and law firms to manage their IP portfolios
  • Tenured IP experts and technology professionals providing the highest levels of service and support

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