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Symphony for Corporations

Streamline, optimize and gain insight at every step of the IP management lifecycle

Future-Proof Software to Securely Manage the Entire IP Lifecycle

Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies and law firms, Symphony enables intellectual property professionals to securely manage the entire IP lifecycle from invention disclosure submission to prosecution and docketing, all the way through to portfolio management and renewals.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Symphony’s robust reporting, configurability, and integration with third-party data and applications provides a 360-degree view into IP programs. The data contained within Symphony is used to drive informed decisions that reduce costs, mitigate risks, and optimize portfolios.

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Symphony In-House Counsel Dashboard

IP Management YOU Control

Most legacy IP management systems have been around for more than 20 years. While they may have served their purpose two decades ago, so much has changed – both in software technology and in managing, protecting and monetizing IP.

At MaxVal, we’ve taken our 20 years of intellectual property management software and service experience and created the industry’s newest and most advanced IP management software, which we call Symphony.

Symphony removes the painful obstacles and inflexibility inherent in most IP management systems, and provides fewer clicks, automation and third-party data to ensure your system has current, complete and correct data.

Optimizing the Entire IP Lifecycle

Optimize your invention

Designed for Innovators and Brand Professionals

Optimize your invention management and trademark clearance processes to capture more ideas and process them faster

Easy to Use

Get up and running in weeks, not months. Work the way you want, and do not be forced to work the way the intellectual property management software was built.


Collaborate Efficiently

Sophisticated workflow automation increases efficiency, reduces errors, and increases on-time delivery

Manage Budgets and Forecast

Secure and Reliable

Feel safe with industry-leading security, reliability and scalability

Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes

Automate manual processes and access global PTO data

Leveraging the Power of Salesforce

We developed Symphony on the Salesforce platform because we wanted to focus on what we know best—IP management. 

Salesforce helps MaxVal deliver better IP management to our customers in many ways:

  • Customers benefit from Salesforce’s ongoing investments in security, document management, workflow, upgrade compatibility, search and reporting
  • Unlike legacy players, which spend most of their resources maintaining outdated IP management software and infrastructure, we focus on delivering advanced IP value
  • Salesforce investment makes Symphony ‘future-proof’ so you will always have the best, most advanced IP management software available
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Symphony for Patents

  • Full lifecycle support from innovation, prosecution, renewals and portfolio optimization
  • Vast library of configurable workflows to facilitate more efficient processes
  • Automated docketing and de-docketing
  • Advanced reporting and analytics to easily transform data into actionable intelligence
  • Integration with third-party data and PTOs to ensure current, correct and complete information – your single source of truth
  • Curate your assets using categorization and ranking
  • Renew assets easily and confidently, and in the same system as your patents

Symphony for Trademarks

  • Initiate trademark search requests through simple-to-use, but powerful workflows
  • Manage relationships between trademark assets and brand management
  • Integrate with USPTO for data accuracy and completeness
  • Link trademarks to products to clarify their relationship to business value
  • Link records and activities for portfolio-wide visibility and insight
  • Easily control the renewal process with MaxVal’s Renewal Service within Symphony

Manage IP with Confidence

We help corporations and law firms transform ideas into strategically and financially valuable assets.

  • Full-spectrum IP lifecycle solutions to manage everyday IP challenges
  • Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies and law firms to manage their IP portfolios
  • IP experts and technology professionals to support you through the IP journey
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