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Empowering AI-enabled IP analytics and insights

By partnering with Relecura, an established industry leader in AI-enabled IP analytics and insights, MaxVal is revolutionizing IP management. Available on a stand-alone basis and integrated within Symphony, Relecura provides users with an intuitive, user-friendly 

interface, robust reporting, and access to a wealth of global patent data and non-patent literature. Relecura is a game-changer for strategic IP professionals, licensing executives, researchers, and business analysts.

Relecura Search and Analytics Platform

The Relecura Search and Analytics Platform simplifies the complexities associated with analyzing vast amounts of IP data. It offers a robust solution for extracting meaningful insights, making it an essential resource in today’s fast-paced IP landscape.

With an intuitive user interface, the platform provides strategic IP professionals, licensing executives, researchers, and business analysts with unprecedented access to global patent data and non-patent literature to uncover critical information in support of M&A, R&D, litigation, licensing, and more. 

Specifically, the Relecura Search and Analytics Platform includes access to:

  • Novelty Search: Leverage semantic search using a brief description or publication number for quick and comprehensive prior-art searches
  • Taxonomy Creation: Construct hierarchical taxonomies for any patent set, facilitating the automatic classification and comparison of multiple patent portfolios
  • Tech Tracker: Monitor technological advancements and innovation assets of various organizations and receive customized reports via email
  • Tech Explorer: Refine research leveraging auto-generated keywords or user-selected terms and access curated collections of patent and non-patent literature (NPL)
  • Tech Alerts: Receive real-time automated notifications about new patents and technological developments
  • Custom Rating: Generate customized ratings for patents based on specific criteria, enabling a tailored approach to IP evaluation

Relecura AI-Enabled Solutions

In addition to the Relecura Search and Analytics Platform, a number of AI-enabled solutions are available as well, including:

  • AI Classifier: Generate AI classification models and automated categorization of patents
  • AI Novelty: Provide a paragraph of text describing an invention (or a patent number) and access results from a novelty check or prior-art search leveraging generative AI
  • AI Patent QA: Process patents leveraging generative AI for a defined set of 25 questions and receive answers
  • AI Patent Mapping: Map a list of patents to products, technologies, technical standards, or other documents and gain insight into similarities and differences between patents or sets of patents

Relecura Custom Solutions

Leveraging generative AI, bespoke solutions for taxonomy creation and patent categorization are also available. Through the creation of private large language models, solutions enable the ability to map patents to product features, summarize and highlight differences between patents or portfolios, and much more.

Derive Meaningful Insights with AI-Enabled Analytics

Our partnership with Relecura enables clients to make better decisions from their IP data.

  • Get access to an intuitive, user-friendly interface, robust reporting, and a wealth of global patent data and non-patent literature.
  • Relecura’s AI platform is trusted by the world’s most innovative organizations for AI-enabled analytics.
  • Reduce manual errors and increase overall efficiency and accuracy.

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