In a First-to-File World, Second Place is Last Place

Your next patent, design or trademark application could be the most important in your organization’s history. We will treat it this way with the care, attention and professionalism it deserves. Since 2004, our IP filing strategy has helped attorneys at some of the world’s largest law firms and corporations file patent, design and trademark packages in, just about, any jurisdiction.

Global Perspective

With extensive resources and on-demand agents, we can file your applications in virtually any jurisdiction.


One package, many regions. Many packages, many regions. When your needs scale, our service does as well.


When it comes to filing, we know time really is money. We know how to avoid delays and expedite the process.

Aligning Your IP Filing Strategy

Whether you need to file for a patent filing, trademark or design registration, we will ensure your filing strategies align with your business strategy and maximize the opportunity at this stage to monetize your inventions domestically and internationally.

We Should Talk

With a full spectrum of IP services and software products, we make it easier for companies, IP ops teams and law firms to transform ideas into assets and value. We look forward to speaking with you.