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Patent Term Adjustment

Extend the lifespan of your most valuable assets

We Dig into the Past to Extend the Future

While you may have anxiously waited for your patent grant, we know you’re not in a hurry for its expiration. We have helped both law firms and corporations take advantage of the true lifespan of their patents. We add not only time, but can help add millions of dollars to your company’s revenue.

Delays happen during prosecution, which is why the USPTO credits an applicant for the patent term lost due to USPTO delays. Our Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) review systematically calculates all prosecution events to determine the correct PTA, and we’ll provide a detailed report comparing our timeline to the USPTO’s official calculation.

Why MaxVal for Patent Term Adjustments?

How Is Patent Term Adjustment Calculated?

Patent Term Adjustment is calculated based on the examiner and applicant delays during patent prosecution:

Free-Up Paralegal Resources

Enabling corporations and law firms to grow, transform and become more efficient by providing: 

  • Flexible and expert paralegal support across all stages of IP lifecycle

  • Reliable execution, fast turnaround times and cost-effective results

  • Services trusted by the world’s most innovative companies and law firms  

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