Symphony for Trademark Management

One system for everything associated with ™ and ®

Manage the Complete Trademark Lifecycle, From Search to Renewal
From request for clearance, search, clearance, maintenance, enforcements and conflicts management, to contracts, assignments, licensing and renewals, you can manage the entire trademark lifecycle in Symphony. As your trademark program and business inevitably evolve, Symphony’s flexibility will easily handle your new requirements. With all of your trademark records and activities available and managed in one system, you’ll enjoy amazing visibility and profound insight into your entire trademark portfolio.

With our global partner network, a full spectrum of IP services and Symphony’s powerful trademark capabilities, you can:

  • Manage relationships between trademark assets and brand management
  • Link trademarks to products to clarify their relationship to business value
  • Link records and activities for portfolio-wide visibility and insight
  • Easily control the renewal process with MaxVal’s Renewal Service
  • Request trademark filings with MaxVal’s Filing Service

Simplified and Streamlined Trademark Management


100% insight and visibility into all your trademark-specific data helps you understand opportunities, identify risks and improve strategy.

Search and Clearance

Everything is captured on one customizable page, including communication and status updates, so you’ll never be surprised.

Trademark Registration

Symphony supports all registration activities, document archiving and financial recordkeeping, whether you use outside counsel or file in-house.


Supporting 300+ jurisdictions, Symphony handles renewal and recurrence fees for national and Madrid registrations.


Manage multiple conflict records, including external files in the Trademark’s object section.


Easily manage multiple contracts by attaching them to individual trademarks and trademark families.


Store multiple trademark assignments, from past records to current records, including date, ownership type and assignment details.


Maximal flexibility to categorize as you wish, such as by project and internal technology classifications.

Together, we help your organization succeed

Work with an IP partner who empowers you to get more done