We Support Efficient and Effective IP Development, Prosecution, and Lifetime Management

MaxVal has partnered with many of our Fortune 500 customers for over a decade. We work hard every day to improve our products and services to meet customer’s current IP needs, while building new technologies that meet  their future goals. 

Cookie-cutter isn’t in our vocabulary; we partner with every customer on an individual basis, developing long-term relationships that have earned us some of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Some customers, like the three highlighted below, are more recent. The IP industry is learning that MaxVal isn’t just a leading IP service company, we are also the most technologically advanced software solutions company. This is particularly true with the 2016 introduction of Symphony, the industry’s most sophisticated IPMS.

We look forward to sharing more stories about our customers, their achievements, and the many ways we’ve contributed to their success.


Whether it’s our reliability and efficiency as a trusted IP service partner or the performance and sophistication of our IP management technology, MaxVal delivers value at each and every stage of the IP lifecycle. During our many engagements with corporate IP leaders, we continually refine and improve both the processes and the results we deliver to our customers.

Transform Processes

We help companies reduce risk and increase efficiency by optimizing tasks and workflows so that decisions are made with confidence.

Enable Visibility

We connect processes and internal and external data sources to provide more intelligent visibility across IP assets.

Eliminate Costs

We eliminate waste, duplication, manual data entry and searches for information so our customers spend less to gain more.

Automate Tasks

Our focus on developing ever-greater  process automation helps our companies eliminate low-value, error prone repetition.

Supplement Operations

We provide on-demand expertise that helps our customers maximize efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness.

Maximize Portfolio Value

We enable companies to create strategy, then  implement it tactically so IP assets continue to grow.

Law Firms

From Silicon Valley firms supporting the most successful technology giants, through the boutique IP names specializing in life sciences and medical advancements to many of the most influential IP firms here and overseas, our law firm customer roster represents the best and brightest outside counsel available. Here is how we support their transformational value:

Control Costs

With service quality and reliability being cultural keystones at MaxVal, our clients can count on contracted costs equalling invoiced costs.

Automate Tasks

We help our law firm clients use technology to replace low-value, repetitive tasks so staff can concentrate on adding more value.

Enhance Client Service

We help firms look smart, go the proverbial extra mile and deliver exceptional service that wins them clients for life.

Transform Processes

We help our clients improve how they deliver services so they can reduce risk while  increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Support Operations

Whether discrete projects or on-going needs, our dual-shore model and trained personnel supplement our clients’ internal teams.

Increase Profitability

By applying automation and the right service model across all our engagements, we help firms maximize billing and profitability.

Law Firms Using MaxVal

“Thank you again for this Freedom to Operate report. Your team always does such a great job.”

Mary Fox, Patent Attorney, Fortem IP

We Should Talk

With a full spectrum of IP services and software products, we make it easier for companies, IP ops teams and law firms to transform ideas into assets and value. We look forward to speaking with you.