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Symphony Docketing

Reliable and automated docket management for law firms

Reduce Clicks, Automate Tasks and Eliminate Errors

Before we built Symphony in 2016, we docketed a significant number of cases on our internal systems, as well as other commercially available systems. We learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. 

The biggest issue we continually faced was that most systems took way too many clicks to complete a simple task. Fewer clicks and more automation were one of the core learnings driving the development of Symphony docketing.

Symphony’s sophisticated auto-docketing and de-docketing features true ‘no-touch’ processing of cases based on data synced directly from the US and international patent offices. 

US and international docketing rules are automatically updated to ensure that your docket is always correct, current, and complete. You can easily add your own internal rules for yourself, or standardize them across the team.

  • Zero-touch auto-docketing and de-docketing automatically maintain your docket
  • GFW technology enables automatic data synchronization with the world’s five largest patent offices
  • Hundreds of curated and configurable docketing rules are always up-to-date
Symphony Docketing

Manage IP with Confidence

We help law firms transform ideas into strategically and financially valuable assets.

  • Full-spectrum of IP lifecycle solutions to manage everyday IP challenges
  • Trusted by the world’s most innovative  law firms to manage their IP portfolios
  • IP experts and technology professionals to support you through the IP journey

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