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Intellectual Property Management
Software and Services

Smarter Technology Delivered Better

Trusted by the World’s Most Innovative Companies and Law Firms

Why MaxVal?



A comprehensive suite of IP software and services to reduce costs, mitigate risks, optimize portfolios and monetize assets



Customer-first approach with a 20-year history of providing corporations and law firms with services delivered by IP experts



Focused on protecting valuable IP and committed to providing the highest levels of security

Our Products


IP Portfolio Management with Symphony for Corporations

With Symphony for Corporations, securely manage the entire IP lifecycle including invention disclosure submissions, clearance requests, prosecution, docketing, portfolio management and renewals


IP Practice Management with Symphony for Law Firms

With Symphony for Law Firms, streamline operations, improve productivity, enhance collaboration, ensure compliance, and gain better control over IP law firm operations

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Reference Management with

Automatically download and associate references to the appropriate cases and generate Information Disclosure Statements with Max-IDS

Our Services

IP Annuities and Renewals

Renewal management services providing transparent, accurate, and cost-effective renewals with no hidden fees

Search and analytics

Search and Analytics

Technology enabled search solutions to identify infringement, determine FTO, understand landscapes and monitor competition


Paralegal and Docketing Services

Outsource paralegal and administrative services to our US-based and global IP experts


Patent and Trademark Illustrations 

Expert and expedited PTO and PCT compliant drawing services

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