We Help Businesses Develop Robust Intellectual Asset Management Strategies

Our Intellectual Property Consulting Process

MaxVal works collaboratively with clients on a strategic basis to understand their IP-related business goals, in order to help shorten the distance, effort and cost to get to the outcomes they want. 

We’ve recruited a team of talented and experienced IP strategists, which when combined with our advanced technologies helps to gather the appropriate information and analyze it in ways that nets out the most material insights. Following the Strategic Intellectual Property Consulting, we translate our learnings and conclusions into reports, recommendations and plans so that clients can develop and execute on a faster, more finely honed path.

Our Deliverables

Our Strategic Intellectual Property Consulting is unique for every client; we don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach but we do have a methodology and utilize technology that has proven to be highly effective for 16 years. Here are some of the specific activities and processes that might form a strategic IP consulting project with your company:

Intellectual Property Consulting


We benchmark your current business, R&D and IP practices against global best practices and identify improvement opportunities.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Integrated Intellectual Asset Management System Design

Our experts assess your organization’s needs and guide you through the process of creating a world-class IAM system

Intellectual Property Consulting

Licensing Transaction Strategies

Understanding the true value of IP assets helps you negotiate from a position of strength while negotiating out-licensing and in-licensing agreements.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Litigation Strategic Analysis

Expert analysis of prior art and claims clarify your offensive and defensive options so you are best positioned to win or settle.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Mergers and Acquisition Analysis

IP portfolio analysis and visualizations illustrate the future impact of merger and acquisition options on the competitive landscape.

Intellectual Property Consulting

New Business Development Analysis

Experienced and independent analysis of new business options to assess assumptions and risks as well as alternatives.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Portfolio Management

Our expertise and software resources create clarity out of portfolio and market complexity, ensuring alignment of your portfolio and business objectives.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Technology Analysis

We study the technology landscape of your company and competitors to identify opportunities and risks, and realistically assess future opportunities.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Technology Scouting

We help you Identify breakthrough technologies early and identify research opportunities to fill critical gaps in your company’s technology portfolio. 

We Should Talk

With a full spectrum of IP services and software products, we make it easier for companies, IP ops teams and law firms to transform ideas into assets and value. We look forward to speaking with you.