The Unitary Patent System: Are You Ready?

The Unitary Patent System marks the most significant shift in European patent law in the past 50 years; it will create a single approach to patent prosecution and litigation across 17 participating EU member states, with additional member states expected to join in the future.

If you are responsible for managing patent holdings in Europe, it is imperative that you understand the implications of the new Unitary Patent System and incorporate them into any existing or new patent strategies you may be planning. The new system will have significant implications in the areas of validation, renewals, translations, and litigation.

Once the changes come into effect on June 1, 2023, all current European rights, in member states, will be subject to the UPC and national courts. Organizations will have the option to Opt-Out, which must be filed during the Sunrise Period, which will run for three months beginning in March of 2023.

Important decisions must be made, and organizations may choose to Opt-Out of the UPC (Unified Patent Court) for a number of reasons including legal strategy, financial considerations, and geographic footprint.

Symphony, MaxVal’s flagship IP management system, will be fully integrated with the UPC. With Symphony, users will not only be able to track Unitary Patent decisions and awarded patents, but they will also be able to use a UPC case management utility to file Opt-Outs (and withdrawal of Opt-Outs) with ease.

Additionally, our services team is available to manage all administrative tasks associated with Opting-Out of the UPC, regardless of whether the

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