From invention capture and docketing to annuity and trademark management, Symphony brings all facets of a robust intellectual property management system onto one stage. With powerful workflow automation and unprecedented access to global patent data, Symphony is an IP management system that will help elevate your routine.

MaxVal Symphony IPM Dashboard

Elevate your intellectual property management database with the most advanced data-driven IPM platform.

Key Features

A guide to intellectual property management software


  • Know your IP portfolio

    - Symphony is an intellectual property management tool that provides IP managers the correct, current, and complete view of their assets through seamless integration with public and private patent data, including prosecution data from all major patent offices.
  • Gain insights about your assets with powerful analytics

    - Symphony provides data-driven insights to help you optimize your prosecution efficiencies.
  • Generate reports effortlessly and quickly

    - Symphony enables you to generate insightful and curated reports or instantly create custom reports to fulfill your organizational needs.
  • Manage your portfolio through the complete IP lifecycle

    - Symphony unifies all aspects of IP lifecycle management to reduce risks and complexity by eliminating paper files, spreadsheets or multiple systems.
  • Forecast your IP expenses

    - Symphony’s configurable
    rule-based forecast engine predicts your future expenses based on your patent data.
  • True end-to-end IAM solutions - Symphony is an intellectual asset management and SaaS software that runs on the Salesforce, one of the most trusted enterprise cloud platforms in the world.

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