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Patent Infringement and Evidence of Use Search and Analysis

Uncover infringement to protect intellectual property

Infringement and Evidence of Use Analysis

Let our expert team of engineers, patent attorneys, and patent agents working together identify products that infringe on your IP assets by clearly mapping patent claims to infringing products/processes. With a best practices-based approach, our team:

  • Evaluates the strength of relevant claims in light of case law and the jurisdiction
  • Identifies potentially infringing products and evidence
  • Constructs high-quality claim charts to determine the overlap of the potentially infringing products and the patent claims
  • Collaborates with you to identify supporting evidence, and conduct additional iterations or studies if needed

And unlike other service providers, we utilize many of the industry’s leading patent and non-patent literature databases – not just one or two.

Why MaxVal for Evidence of Use Search and Analysis?

With our Evidence of Use Search and Analysis services, IP professionals can:

  • Leverage our team of experts with deep domain expertise 
  • Quickly gather the required evidence to support patent assertion campaigns or licensing negotiations
  • Ensure coverage against your products and those of your competitors
  • Access  visually intuitive claim charts clearly identifying infringing elements
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