When You Need Expert Docketing Services, You Really Need MaxVal

Large, global corporations and law firms that need to manage short-term peaks or want an outsourcing partner for on-going projects have been calling on MaxVal for over 16 years. 

We provide high-quality, cost-effective and flexible docketing services and support that seamlessly fits time constraints and budgetary realities.  

Our extensive experience, tech-enabled processes and language skills ensure prompt and accurate review and docketing of all internal and external communications coming from PTOs, outside counsel, foreign associates and clients at all stages of the prosecution cycle.


  • Trained professionals and seamless support
  • 24-hour turnaround for routine docketing tasks
  • All communications (emails, PTO actions and correspondence) are remotely docketed in your IP Management System
  • Data validity and continuous process improvement ensured through metrics and auditing
  • Experience in handling large portfolios
  • Measurable Service-Level Agreements
  • Export-controlled documents are docketed subject to national restrictions
  • Value-added services include periodic reports (directly from private PAIR) and automated and monitored deadline reminders


  • Additional, flexible, and expert paralegal staff who can ramp up quickly
  • Reduction in supplemental IDS filing and RCE costs
  • Risk reduction through higher accuracy and value-added alerts and reports

Our Docketing Team

  • Is well versed with the rules and procedures of international patent and trademark prosecution
  • Is trained on the entire suite of MaxVal enablement software
  • Receives ongoing refresher training and periodic updates on all global law changes
  • Is highly experienced with commercially available docketing systems


Highly trained paralegal support will augment your existing staff for short and long-term projects. Our onshore/offshore/hybrid docketing models ensure significant savings and technology export adherence.

  • Typical savings range from 50-60% of FTE costs
  • Ability to scale effortlessly as needed
  • Minimal supervision required from your staff

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