A private PAIR alert desktop assistant that enables legal operations professionals and attorneys to track and send PTO activities for applications associated with a customer number.

Key Features

  • Create a fully customizable workflow for attorneys and administrators to monitor activities at the PTO related to your filings on a daily or weekly basis
  • Search custom, role-based alerts of the prosecution statuses of portfolios of interest to you (your own and/or competitors)
  • Automatically log into Private PAIR using your username and password to fetch private PAIR alert information results
  • Disseminate reports for your intended audience
  • Customize reports based on content and analytical insight
  • Conveniently export reports as Microsoft Excel files
MaxVal Max-Pair Dashboard

Learn how an international law firm leveraged Max-PAIR and increased its case monitoring
from 5 to 500 per hour.


  • Stay current on the prosecution status of patent applications (your own and/or competitors) through email alerts to follow claim amendments and arguments in applications of interest
  • For larger portfolios of applications, Max-PAIR assists legal operations by managing backlogs/bottlenecks
  • Save on FTE costs while minimizing errors in docketing work flow
  • Hassle-free - no manual updates or hardware/software maintenance required

How does it work?

  • Pick and choose applications that are of interest from different customer numbers associated with your certificate
  • Emails on the selected applications are sent to multiple recipients with application status updates
  • Real-time alerts for IFW updates in private PAIR with option to view original IFW documents without logging into private PAIR
  • No limit to number of applications
  • Customize frequency of monitoring of the applications (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly)
  • View bibliographic details and IFW documents when available from your desktop
  • Export to Excel bibliographic details, IFW activities and transaction history updates

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