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Patent Prosecution Alerts

Timely updates for IP pros

Patent Prosecution Alerts Status and IFW Updates via Email

MaxVal offers Patent Prosecution Alerts for IP teams and attorneys who have better things to do than spend time searching and sifting through competitive filings. Our solution is an email-based assistant that tracks patent prosecution status through USPTO Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR), European Patent Office (EPO), etc. and provides updates for the specific patent applications you need to know about.


  • Prosecution Status Alerts (Public PAIR/EPO/CA/PCT or WO)
  • Track your own applications or competitors’
  • Customizable alerts pushed by email
  • Latest updates for patent applications with direct links to the PDF
  • Follow claim amendments and arguments in applications of interest
  • Custom configure the time of reporting


  • Competitive inventions can be tracked easily and automatically
  • Stay current on patent prosecution status in key sectors
  • Prompt patent status alerts enable timely responses and better planning
  • Minimize risk of missing key developments in critical areas
  • Efficient and accurate service

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Prosecution Alerts Sample

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