MaxVal upgrades its reference management solution Max-IDS


MaxVal, today unveiled the upgraded version of its IDS management solution, Max-IDS 4.0. – with enhanced features to make the docketing experience better and faster.

Max-IDS comes with powerful integration features and  provides a customizable environment for patent operations to collaboratively manage patent references and generate IDS with just a few clicks. It allows users to compare related family matters and associate references in a single screen and download EFS-ready copies of references that can be directly uploaded to PAIR.

MaxVal’s latest IDS version, Max-IDS 4.0, encompasses a host of features including;

  • User-friendly UI for quick navigation
  • Improved performance that speed up comparison and associating references
  • Drag and drop support to attach files to the references
  • Optimized search functionalities for faster response
  • Increased limit to generate comparison charts up to 300 dockets
  • Enhanced visibility for admins over the record assigned groups
  • Option to view/download the Earliest Source details, and customize grids in the reference tab
  • Provision to add dockets from compare chart page and associate new imported records

“As a leader in providing solutions for intellectual asset management, MaxVal has always focused on providing value and cutting edge technology to its clients by offering continuous value enhancements in every solution it offers”, said D. Bommi Bommannan, CEO of MaxVal. “With these new features to Max-IDS 4.0, our IDS solution will greatly enhance the user experience by making it much simpler and more efficient to manage references and generate IDS”, he added.

Max-IDS has been widely accepted by law firms and companies of all sizes as a reliable and custom reference management solution because it integrates into clients’ existing workflows. Clients can also benefit from MaxVal’s cost-effective data migration and optional upkeep services. Max-IDS comes with flexible pricing models based on the number of IDSs generated or a flat fee model.

If you would like to learn more about Max-IDS, please call 650-472-2290 or email us at


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