Max-IDS™ is a stand-alone software product. Clients have the option to benefit from MaxVal’s cost-effective data migration and data upkeep services. It is an easy to use, integrated, and customizable environment for legal operations to collaboratively manage patent references and generate IDS with a few clicks.

”Do more, add more value; make your job easier with MaxVal’s automated solution for IDS"

Key Features

  • Generate IDS instantaneously
  • Create editable, modifiable forms (1449, SB/08A, etc.)
  • Compare related family matters and associate references in a single screen
  • Search global full text within patent references and NPL
  • List the applications that cite a particular reference
  • Generate and export comparison charts
  • Synchronize PAIR activity
  • Assign category, sub-category, keyword and comment on multiple records
  • Download PDFs in bulk
  • identify and group related applications


Organize your patent portfolio with the ability to compare and cite references across all topics

  • Manage cross-citations effectively
  • Reduce the risk of not citing references
  • Reduce supplemental IDS filing and RCE costs
  • Increase accessibility of citations to the attorney with a desktop tool
  • Eliminate corrupt files in dealing with international filing
  • Increase analytical value to your patent counsel by leveraging automation

Why MaxVal’s Solution?

Clients can easily adapt Max-IDS™ to their existing work flows or use our industry best practices work flow to manage references and generate IDS to derive measurable financial benefits and risk reduction.

Typical Savings

  • Our solution has saved clients up to 50% on their IDS costs.
  • Depending on your portfolio size, your actual savings may be different.
  • MaxVal specialists will be able to determine your projected cost savings after getting some information about your portfolio.

Please contact us to get an estimate.