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MaxVal Unveils Insights into Global Innovation Landscape with the Release of the 2023 Patent Publication Trends Report


Los Altos, CA, February 14, 2024: MaxVal Group, Inc. (“MaxVal”), a leading provider of intellectual property management solutions, announced today the release of its highly anticipated 2023 Patent Publication Trends Report. The comprehensive report provides invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of patent publications, highlighting key trends and notable developments.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Dynamic Shifts at USPTO and EPO: The report reveals a subtle 0.9% decline in patent publications at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), juxtaposed with a noteworthy 14.8% increase at the European Patent Office (EPO), signaling a dynamic global innovation scene.
  • Asia Takes Center Stage: Four of the top five assignees in 2023, led by Samsung, are headquartered in Asia, signaling the region’s influence and leadership in technological advancements.
  • Leading Foreign Filers in the US: In the United States, Japan and China continue to dominate filings claiming foreign priority, emphasizing the significant role played by Asian nations in shaping the global intellectual property arena.
  • Korea’s Ascendance in Patent Applications: Over the past five years, Korea has consistently demonstrated growth in patent applications, positioning itself as a key player in driving innovation on the world stage.
  • US Innovation Powerhouse: Despite global shifts, leading US-based companies like Qualcomm, IBM, and Apple maintain their status among the top 30 filers, showcasing continued innovation and competitiveness.

MaxVal’s 2023 Patent Publication Trends Report is a valuable resource for intellectual property professionals, researchers, and policymakers seeking a deeper understanding of the global patent landscape.

To access the full report and explore detailed analyses, view our report.

About MaxVal:

MaxVal is a Silicon Valley-based tech-enabled IP solutions provider known for its leading-edge products and automated solutions. Since 2004, MaxVal has been providing technology-enabled solutions and expert services by partnering with patent counsel and patent operations teams to optimize patent lifecycle management with high levels of customer service. Visit or email for more information. 


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