The new version of Max-IDS™ harnesses the power of automation to provide a faster and simpler approach.

Below are the noteworthy value-adds in this release:

New Features

  • IDS Package: Eliminate multiple steps and manually putting together IDS packages by auto generating IDSs along with the references to be submitted with PTO in a single click. The packages are generated as a zip. files with the IDS available in word/PDF formats.


  • PAIR Auto-upload: Increase efficiency by automatically updating the IDS package (IDS and the references associated with them) to PAIR from Max-IDS directly.
    • NOTE: This is a premium feature and MyUSPTO account should be linked with Max-IDS


  • Import with Family/References: Significantly reduce the time to track family details by automatically importing the family details using just the patent/publication number. The cited references from issued patents are also automatically included, providing easy access to available patent statuses and citations.
    • NOTE: This is a premium feature.


  • Scheduled reports: Get timely updates and insights by scheduling reports to be auto-delivered to recipients on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. It reduces the time taken to create a query every time a report needs to be generated and distributed.


Enhancements to Existing Features

  • Add Category to References: Categories like X, Y, A, etc. can be added to references while associating or in the detailed view.



  • Copy Source Comments: Seamlessly copy all source comments from the source to the newly associated dockets. The user can choose to copy source comments and date automatically every time a record is compared or associated.


  • Add References in Cited State: References can be directly added in cited state from the “Association of Records” window.


For more information on the new release, please reach out to our team.