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Max-IDS Takes IDS Management Automation to the Next Level With Version 4.4


MaxVal has led the IDS management solutions industry since the product’s inception over 14 years ago.  And now with Version Max-IDS 4.4, we are upping the ante on automation once again.

Now, with Max-IDS 4.4 users no longer have to manually download and populate IDS related documents and data (including references). MaxVal can now do all that for you, eliminating tedious and inefficient manual tasks while increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Here’s how we do it.  Max-IDS integrates with the USPTO (Private PAIR) and syncs bibliographic data for all your US applications on a scheduled basis, and you get to pick the frequency all the way down to once a day.  Additionally, we’ll also update all your IFW activities and log them into Max-IDS account.  We’ll even create a new case in Max-IDS for newly filed patents (from PAIR), so you don’t even have to manually create them.

While we are updating the IFW activities, if we notice an 892 or 1449 we’ll update those activities as we do the others, but we’ll also download the documents into your Max-IDS account.  Once we have the document – get this – we’ll OCR the 892, auto-fill the patent publication number, date and inventor name, so again, you don’t have to waste time typing this into the system.  Finally, we’ll automatically cross cite the new references from the 892 to the appropriate family members.

So, how much time do you think we just saved you every week, month and year?  Crazy huh?

But wait, that’s not all.  (Nope, no free shipping or knives, sorry)

But, with 4.4 we now break out your cases into separate buckets where fees are, and are not applicable for each case with IDSes that are due.

Finally, for the more sophisticated users, with 4.4 you can customize the automatic cross citation wizard to limit references to one-way cross citations or source-based citations.

So, yes, with 4.4 our engineers have been working hard so you can do more important things than repetitive and boring manual tasks.  Wait until you see what we have coming in version 4.5 coming out in just a few months.  

As the number of patented inventions increases, it becomes increasingly important to have an efficient and accurate system for identifying and managing them. Learn about IDS management solutions and how to find the best for your business. So, stay tuned, and please email us if any of this sounds interesting to you!


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