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IP Five in 5 – Pfizer Wins $107.5M in Patent Trial against AstraZeneca, Tulip Innovation Launches Patent Licensing for LG Energy Solution & Panasonic Battery Tech, and Harley-Davidson Files Trademark Lawsuit


Welcome to this edition of MaxVal’s IP Five in 5 – where we cover the top five IP news stories in 5 minutes or less. This edition features Pfizer’s $107.5 million settlement in a US patent trial against AstraZeneca, Tulip Innovation initiating a patent licensing program for LG Energy Solution and Panasonic Energy lithium-ion battery technology, Harley-Davidson facing a lawsuit for trademark infringement, and more.

Patent Spotlight

Pfizer Awarded $107.5 Million in US Cancer Drug Patent Trial against AstraZeneca

A Delaware federal jury ruled that AstraZeneca must pay Pfizer $107.5 million for patent infringement related to AstraZeneca’s lung cancer drug Tagrisso. The jury found Tagrisso violated patents for treating cancer with Nerlynx, a drug sold by Puma Biotechnology under a license from Pfizer.

Source: Reuters

Tulip Innovation Launches Patent Licensing Program for LG Energy Solution and Panasonic Energy Lithium-ion Battery Tech

On May 30, 2024, Tulip Innovation Kft. announced their patent licensing program. This program merges over 5,000 patents from LG Energy Solution and Panasonic Energy, marking the largest patent aggregation in the battery sector. 

Source: Tulip Innovation

Google Fails to Overturn a $20 Million Nest Patent Verdict

On June 3, 2024, a U.S. appeals court upheld a jury’s verdict that Google’s Nest smart thermostats infringed a patent owned by EcoFactor. The court has ordered Google to pay $20 million. 

Source: Reuters

Trademark Spotlight

Harley-Davidson Sues Next for Trademark Infringement

On June 3, 2024, Harley-Davidson took legal action against Next in London’s High Court, alleging trademark infringement. The UK retailer’s ‘motorbike-inspired’ T-shirt, featuring a design resembling Harley-Davidson’s logo, biker motifs, and text, is at the center of the dispute. The lawsuit claims that Next’s product has caused confusion among consumers, potentially damaging Harley-Davidson’s brand reputation.

Source: Financial Times

Copyright Spotlight

Court Dismisses Cryogenic Tank Design Copyright Suit

A six-year-old copyright infringement suit filed by Inox India Pvt Ltd against Cryogas Equipment Pvt Ltd (CEPL) and LNG Express India Pvt Ltd (LEIPL) over a cryogenic storage tank design was dismissed by the court. The court noted that the Designs Act offered higher protection to pure original artistic works over commercial designs.

Source: The Times of India


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