We align your corporate objectives with your R&D and IP Plans through a proven six-step process

Our Approach

Step 1:

Check for company's key business and IP need

Step 2:

Check for alignment of company's R&D and IP postures

Step 3:

Determine the company's business game environment

Step 4:

Check for alignment of company's IP versus its business game environment

Step 5:

Determine the IP portfolio's position on the hype cycle

Step 6:

Determine Competitor and Supplier


To see how we can help you develop an actionable IP strategic plan


  • Accelerated pivotal decision-making and reduced infringement risk
  • Faster results achieved by tapping into best practices and instituionalizing our clients' critical know-how
  • Eliminate margin and market share erosion
  • MaxVal’s final report delivers compelling insights about the big picture and specific measurable IP actions to implement