MaxVal Services are the timely, affordable and flexible way to address your IP related needs. Our highly experienced staff, our combination of both onshore and offshore resources, and our innovative use of technology make us the right choice for your legal process outsourcing needs.

MaxVal Services make your IP Operations more efficient by combining our experienced and knowledgeable staff with leading edge technology. Our Paralegal Services deliver high quality results with rapid turnaround times. We provide analysis to help you refine your IP strategy, monetize your patent portfolio, and optimize your patent lifecycle process. We help patent litigators understand their opposition and prepare their case.

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Search and Analytics Services

We combine our onshore and offshore professional staff in a way that precisely meets your needs and provide services that are of the highest quality and the most cost-efficient.

Paralegal Services

Our Paralegal Services are designed and managed by practicing attorneys. Our knowledgeable staff and tools provide you with high quality results and fast turnaround times.

IP Strategy Services and Patent Monetization

We leverage our scientific and engineering training, legal experience, business expertise, and technology to offer our clients strategic counseling to optimize patent lifecycle management and extract value from their intellectual property.

  • IP Strategy: MaxVal’s legal and technical experts provide strategic counseling that will maximize the value of your intellectual property.
  • IP Process Optimization: MaxVal will audit your patent lifecycle management processes and provide you with an actionable plan to increase effectiveness and reduce cost.
  • IP Monetization: MaxVal’s IP Valuation Service is based on applying multiple business, financial, legal enforcement and licensing models.

MaxVal Services for Litigation

MaxVal’s comprehensive Patent Litigation Databank is a comprehensive database of US District Court and ITC Patent Cases. We support patent litigators by leveraging the Patent Litigation Databank to help you predict and respond to litigation.

  • Litigated Patent Summary: Within 24 hours, MaxVal can deliver a comprehensive dossier on any litigated US patent. The summary contains line-by-line application-grant claims comparison, reassignment and legal status history, and a report on the plaintiff.
  • Litigation Daily Alert:  Receive a daily alert containing all new ECF, PACER and ITC cases.