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If accurate patent term adjustments are important to your clients and your business, then the PTA Wizard™ will give you confidence that you receive every day of term that you deserve.
PTA Wizard™ is the easy to use do-it-yourself tool that helps you easily calculate the patent’s PTA and compares it to the USPTO calculation.

Key Features

  • A cloud-based do-it-yourself interactive tool
  • Use the latest USPTO PAIR data
  • Automatically calculate the patent’s PTA
  • Modify the data to see the impact errors or new information have on the PTA
  • Compare the results to the USPTO calculated PTA
MaxVal PTA Wizard Dashboard

Learn how a global IP law firm used PTA Wizard to discover instantly the patents eligible for extra term.


  • Is Powerful and Affordable
  • Saves you time when compared to gathering the data and making the calculations yourself

How does it work?

We go beyond ‘feature-rich’ tools and provide more flexibility and a domain-centric focus, which are reflected in our product design and accompanying expert services.

  • PTA Wizard™ automatically gathers all of the current data relevant to the PTA from PAIR and presents the data to you on screen that match PAIR’s familiar tabular layout
  • The patent term adjustment is automatically calculated based on the PAIR data
  • Review and edit the data and all calculations
  • Compare the results to the USPTO calculation to determine if you are eligible for additional PTA
  • When you are done, you can export a detailed report to Microsoft Excel