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Patent Term Estimator:

The term of a patent is 20 years from the earliest claimed priority date (or longer of 17 years from the issue date or 20 years from the earliest claimed priority date if the patent application... was filed on or before June 8, 1995). 35 USC § 154.

Patent Family Tree:

The Patent Family Tree Generator (PFTG) is used to generate patent family trees for given patents. Given a patent #, application # or publication #, PFTG will generate a... graphical tree representation of the family based on Genealogy and Timeline.

Claim Chart Generator:

This online tool automatically creates a claim chart template for the requested patent number. The claim chart can be generated in different formats like Word, Excel or HTML.... The tool can generate charts either for all claims or for independent claims only (check the box provided).

IDS Generator:

How many hours of your life have you spent on generating EFS-ready information disclosure statements? All that is about to change. IDS Generator is a web-based tool that helps... you fill out an IDS form quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Simply enter patent or publication number(s) or copy and paste from a document...

USPTO Widget:

Tired of searching multiple USPTO databases using strict formatting to get the information you need? This online tool searches various USPTO databases to display... bibliographic details, publication full text, patent full text, assignment details, and maintenance fees in one easy to use interface.

Claim Set Comparison Tool:

Ever wondered how the claims changed between the published application and the issued patent? Frustrated with figuring out the difference between the U.S. claims... and the foreign counterpart claims? This handy tool compares two sets of claims and highlights the difference between them. The comparison chart can be displayed...

PAIR Uploader:

PAIR Uploader v1.0BETA is a desktop application designed and it is one time setup which allows users to upload all the EFS ready documents in bulk to PAIR.... PAIR UploaderBETA is now integrated with our Max-Insight...

Has This Patent Been Litigated?:

This free tool checks our Litigation Databank to verify if the patent has been involved in any litigation (US District courts, CAFC, ITC and Supreme Court cases).

Patent Assignment Tracker:

Patent Assignment Tracker send automated email alerts to you when assignments relating to target applications/patents/entities of interest are recorded.

PAIR Alert™ - Public PAIR Alerts:

Track patent applications your own or competitors' through one of MaxVal's monitoring solutions.