MAX-PPM is a highly configurable solution that enables patent counsel to align a company’s patent strategy with their product strategy. It also allows the user to identify gaps in their portfolios as well as opportunities in third party portfolios.

Key Features

  • Categorize your or third party patent portfolio based on a detailed taxonomy (categories and sub-categories).
  • Identify gaps (coverage, white spaces, crown jewels vs. deadwood)
  • Identify emerging competitors
  • Patent to product/technology mapping
  • Visual of patent maps and genealogy
  • Recommend and implement ways to improve portfolio strength
  • Enable patent counsel / business development collaboration


  • Have a strong, detailed understanding of your portfolio’s strengths and weakness
  • Spend more time analyzing and not gathering information
  • Analyze impact of emerging trends, technology and competition
  • Understand patent portfolios of acquisition targets and have critical information useful in negotiations
  • Systematically track competition—being able to graphically analyze trends, new entrants and technology

What’s unique about MAX-PPM™?

We go beyond ‘feature-rich’ tools and provide more flexibility and a domain-centric focus, which are reflected in our product design and accompanying expert services.