Your IP landscape is always changing, so it makes sense that your analytics solutions can adapt and present changes in a dynamic way. Traditional patent landscape reports offer static snapshots that are incapable of telling a comprehensive story.

Patent LiveScape™ is like having an extra pair of eyes.

Key Features

Patent LiveScape™ is an analysis and reporting service that provides you with interactive and dynamic analysis reports, allowing you to slice-and-dice an analysis to extract actionable and predictive information.

  • Custom analytics dashboards
  • Any type of data
  • Any level of detail
  • Interactive
  • Explore causal data relationships
  • Report freshness (periodic data updates)
  • Accessible from anywhere

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Livescape Reports


Learn about the genome editing system, CRISPR, which has become an extremely important tool in medical research.


Live Report Sample Report


Learn about the market, IP coverage, product development, clinical trials, regulatory environment, litigation events, M&A activity related to electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes)

Live Report Sample Report