USPTO Notice of Allowance Review / Issue Fee Review

The Notice of Allowance (NOA) is sent to the applicant when the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is ready to issue the patent at the close of prosecution. The NOA asks the applicant to pay the specified issue fee within three months from the date of the NOA.

The NOA may have an examiner interview summary and additionally, any examiner amendments to the claims and specification. At times, the IFW record of the patent application may contain errors that might impact the enforceability of the patent. Such errors may include errors in bibliographic details, review of cited art, checking for double patenting against other family applications, ensuring currentness of the claims including amendments following from previous office actions, etc. Correcting these at the NOA stage would be greatly advantageous, as that would obviate the need for filing a separate Certificate of Correction or other action with separate filing fee to correct these.

MaxVal’s Patent Issue Fee review service adds value by applying its proprietary methods and Notice of Allowance checklists to assess and validate the IFW at the NOA stage.

Key Features

  • Bibliographic Details: Verifying the accuracy of inventor names, title of the patent, filing date, and the entity status.
  • Cited Art Review: Checking if any uncited references should be included for submission under 37 C.F.R. 1.97(D), and if all family and related cases have been identified and cross-cited.
  • Application Review: Validating statutory restrictions and amendments.
Maxval Notice of Allowance Review

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  • Greater efficiency and reduced risk of errors.
  • Time and unnecessary subsequent costs are saved.

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