MaxVal provides Patent Assignment Recordation services for companies and law-firms with any patent portfolio size across the globe. Our specialized team ensures the recordation is done in a timely and accurate manner with detailed backup reports.

Key Features

  • Accuracy: Exhaustive quality check on each patent, which includes verifying all the prior assignments recorded
  • Coverage: Global network of patent agents to facilitate your assignment recordation with countries outside the U.S
  • Quick turn-around: Strict adherence to the deadlines and a commitment to get your assignment recordation done on time
  • Cost effective: A well-organized process that reduces overall recordation costs
  • Flexible: Custom-made methods based on your business’s unique needs
  • Expertise: Proven strategies and in-depth knowledge, built from years of patent management experience in serving Fortune 500 companies and leading law-firms
MaxVal Patent Assignment Recordation Process

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