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 Patent Annuity Payment Made Simple with MaxVal’s Annuity Payer™ Current Plan
  • Combining more than a decade of patent management experience with an intuitive annuity management engine built from the ground up, MaxVal’s Annuity Payer™ provides the most reliable and cost-effective annuity payment and management solution.
  • You pay only the official PTO fee and our flat fee per renewal. No extra annual management fees, subscription fees, sign-up fees, or reporting fees.
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Your engineers and scientists invent every day. Turn these inventions into patents with Max-IM™ to strengthen your patent portfolio.

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Is a private PAIR alert desktop assistant that enables legal operations and responsible attorney(s) track and email PTO activities for applications...

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Max-IDS™ is a stand-alone software product. Clients have the option to benefit from MaxVal’s cost-effective data migration and data upkeep services.

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Litigation Databank™

Prepare your case using MaxVal’s Litigation Databank. Easily find detailed case information and documents.

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MaxVal’s Patent Portfolio Management goes beyond docket matter management to align your patent strategy with your product strategy.

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Competitive Analysis

Quickly gain insight about your market and competitors. Our Publication Alerts keep you updated on your competition.

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Prior-Art Search

Relevant and cost-effective search using MaxVal’s domain experts and standardized procedures. competition.

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Patent Proofreading

MaxVal’s Patent Proofreading service mitigates risk, saves time and reduces your costs. competition.

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Max-Extract™ and Audit

MaxVal’s Portfolio Data Extract and Audit Services keeps your docket system in sync with data in the US and foreign patent offices.

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Docket Management

Seamless and flexible support for your docketing process with 24-hour turnaround for routine docketing tasks.

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Custom Intelligence Reports

Senior management and/or in-house counsel can now leverage MaxVal’s patent and domain expertise to create custom reports on a specific company...

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Landscape Analysis

Patent counsel or patent strategists can address key patent related questions (your own and/or third party) that impact business decisions.

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PAIR Alert

Is an email-based public PAIR alert assistant that can help you save up to 90% of current costs to track USPTO PAIR/EPO/CIPO/WIPO published applications and patents...

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Patent Term Adjustment

MaxVal reviews the PTA calculations of the USPTO with the result of adding term to your patent. For each day added, your company extends...

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Patent Mapping

MaxVal provides custom patent visualization schemes with icons and color-coding to make the information easy to digest. 

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Patent Term Determination

Accurate patent expiration date calculations are dependent on many factors such as filing dates, issue dates, priority dates, patent term adjustment...

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PTAB Alerts

Enables attorneys and applicants to track proceedings instituted at the PTAB

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Paralegal Services

Our Paralegal Services are designed and managed by practicing attorneys. Our knowledgeable staff and tools provide you with high quality...

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Patent Drawings

MaxVal Drawings provides high-quality patent drawings and illustrations to IP professionals and inventors

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