Max-IDS is reference management and IDS generator that allows clients to benefit from MaxVal’s cost effective data migration and data upkeep services. It is a standalone software product that is easy-to-use, integrated, and has a customizable environment for legal operations to collaboratively manage patent references and generate IDSs with just a few clicks.

Key Features

  • Generate accurate EFS-ready IDS forms in just 2 clicks
  • Compare related family matters and associate references in a single screen
  • Download EFS-ready copies of references that can be directly uploaded to PAIR
  • Identify and group related applications

Learn how Max-IDS streamlined IDS filings and saved costs up to 50% for both a semiconductor giant and a leading law firm.


Max-IDS is the ultimate reference management and IDS generator solution. Organize your patent portfolio with the ability to compare and cite references across all matters.

  • Manage cross-citations effectively
  • Reduce the risk of not citing references
  • Provide easy access to citations to your users
  • Reduce supplemental IDS filing and RCE costs
  • Eliminate corrupt files in dealing with international filings
  • Reduce operational costs by leveraging automation

For Corporates

The best IDS management solution in the industry to reduce cost and minimize errors


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Law Firms

Max-IDS is used by leading law firms to simplify the management and generation of Information Disclosure Statements

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