Typically patent department / legal operations needs to ensure that data about patents and applications (both domestic and foreign) in their docketing system are in sync with the patent office data in various jurisdictions. Hence the need to audit and update missing/incorrect fields from corresponding PTO sites. MaxVal has a proven service to deliver on these requirements

MaxVal’s Portfolio Data Extract and Audit Services keeps your docket system in sync
with data in the US and foreign patent offices.

Key Features

  • Identify patent assets, format as needed and extract details of assets from corresponding national PTO websites
  • Extract, populate and group families based on INPADOC family
  • Check details by comparing with publicly available/extracted data
  • Highlight/annotate discrepancies
  • Report provided in a format of client’s choice (Excel, etc.)
  • Verify accuracy of data provided by others (e.g., in an acquisition or during due-diligence)

Links to More Info on Max-Extract™ and Audit.


  • Save time/obtain additional leverage
  • Lower cost
  • Reduce risk through higher accuracy

Details of MaxVal’s Extract Process

  • Receive/Identify all assets and formatting (portfolio)
  • Extract details for assets from national PTO website

Details of MaxVal’s Audit Process

  • Compare extracted data with received asset(s) details (given data)
  • Check for discrepancies in given data against publicly extracted data
  • Highlight/annotate discrepancies

Use Case

  • Client is acquiring a company there is a need for quality check of accuracy of the acquired company’s patent data
  • MaxVal extracts the bibliographic data from corresponding PTO and with MAX-Audit service we compare what is avail in public domain with data provided and normalize the data making it easy for client to import into any standard database


  • Save time/obtain additional leverage through automation
  • Lower cost through using tools and reduced human intervention
  • Reduced risk through higher accuracy

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