Appropriate litigation strategies can improve the chances of settlement as well as the prospects of winning

Our Approach

  • MaxVal utilizes the world's best linguistic concept engines to search for prior art advantageous to a dispute. These engines search not just on keywords but the inventive concepts in question.
  • We start with the independent claims of the patents and applications involved in the legal proceedings. These are sorted by relevance. The chances of finding relevant prior-art are increased by searching global patent databases.
  • Our process continues with de-construction of claims into their functional elements. This is built on the concept that all inventions have an underlying subject, object, and action components. Using keyword and thematic searching based on these underlying components yields additional prior art.
  • Claims maps, claims trees and landscape maps are used to improve communication with all parties.


Position yourself to win or achieve settlement


  • We identify prior art that others miss.
  • We communicate the key concepts of the litigation to all members of the team – both legal and technical. This facilitates creative defense strategies.
  • Position yourself to win or achieve settlement

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