How MaxVal’s Spend Analysis Works

Validate – Ensure the correctness of calculations in the invoices

Process – The experts at MaxVal check the data accuracy, and prepare the metadata

Review – The inconsistencies in the invoices are identified and intimated for corrective actions

Report - A complete audit track of the spends is provided in summary form, with analytical insights.

Advantages of Invoice Analysis

  • Maintain a balanced budget by keeping all your legal/IP related expenses organized and under control
  • Optimize your existing processes by proactively identifying and analyzing potential gaps
  • Identify differences between different vendors who provide the same category of services
  • Consolidate spend by category to reduce costs and leverage purchasing control
  • Gain greater insight and shorter lead times enable you to make better decisions
  • Ensure the invoices are complying with the contracts, avoiding inconsistencies
  • Analyze and benchmark each category of expenses in a structured way

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  • Gain insights into how your budget is spent
  • Identify variances between agreed to and actually billed amounts
  • Intelligence on how your spend compares to industry standards