Your engineers and scientists invent every day. Turn these inventions into patents with Max-IM™ to strengthen your patent portfolio.

Max-IM™ makes it simple for your inventors to easily submit their inventions with minimal impact on their workflow.

Max-IM™ also makes it easy for your IP Operations staff to capture, review, and decide on invention disclosures, with negligible administrative overhead.

Max-IM™ is fast, secure, reliable and easy to use. It gathers all the information you need to decide and manage your patenting decisions. Max-IM™ eliminates the risks of relying on e-mail or ad hoc communications between inventors and attorneys, especially in the new first to file patent system.

Max-IM™ eliminates the risks associated with developing your own system, which is often expensive and difficult to maintain over time; let MaxVal provide you with an affordable solution.

Key Features

  • On-line, user-friendly, role-based access and view
  • Integrated and automated work flow with custom reporting and alerts with advanced search options
  • Secure data access to authorized personnel
  • Central repository and backup
  • Customization balanced with automation

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Patent Counsel

  • Manage the entire invention capture process by effectively tracking, processing and avoiding duplicate filings. Avoid missing deadlines on inventions of business significance.

R&D Management

  • Measure team performance through key metrics to track and reward inventors

Legal Operations

  • Avoids costs from delays and process inefficiencies
  • Streamline operations to capture and process invention disclosures

R&D Specialist

  • Improve overall effectiveness through ease of contribution and collaboration
  • Gain additional visibility and improve response times
  • Avoid costly iterations and overhead associated with invention disclosure capture, review and processing

Hosted System

  • Max-IM™ is available as on-premises or fully hosted configuration. With MaxVal hosting, we provide all necessary administration – your team can focus on IP operations.