Identify your patent position among the key players in technologies of interest to you.

Senior management and/or in-house counsel can now leverage MaxVal’s patent and domain expertise to create
custom reports on a specific company or industry sector.

Key Features

Visualize patent data/patent genealogy with periodic updates

  • Leverage our patent search capability to identify relevant markets, players and technology
  • Reports identify key players and their technology development efforts
  • Supplement your in-house research capabilities in searching relevant databases (patent and non-patent)
  • Augment your analytical capability

Access a sample of our Custom Patent Intelligence Reports.


  • Timely research for decision making
  • Leverage for in-house team
  • Cost-effective

Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Typical costs range from $5000 and higher
  • Significant savings compared to doing this with in-house staff or through external legal counsel
  • Frees up time to make decisions proactively
    • Identify opportunities
    • Mitigate risk